Do you use a product recommendation system on your eCommerce site?

If you don't, you're missing out! If you do, you're most likely not using the best one on the market!

What is Recommendations AI?

Are you ever suprised how platforms like Youtube, Google Search or Google Play manage to give their users content recommendations that are so relevant?

What if your ecommerce store could do just that?

Google took all their learnings from past years and implemented them in a new product recommendation model based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

One of the most advanced recommendation systems in the world can now be implemented on your store!

The biggest retailers are already using

Recommendations AI


serves more than 1B unique recommendations per month and is driving higher CTR, CVR, and revenue

The Walt Disney Company

is using Recommendations AI to help their guests feel understood and well-served

Early results driven by recommendations from retailers around the world:

up to

click-through rate

up to


up to


* Source: Google LLC. Actual results will vary by retailer.

What some of our customers say about Recommendations AI:

Mihai Iova

Head of Product, Vivre

"Vivre is a company born from a passion for technology with innovation at the forefront of its growth. We found in Zitec an experienced partner with the same enthusiasm for technology. With Recommendations AI we have the freedom to experiment with recommendation scenarios and to offer our customers a source of inspiration of more than 150,000 unique products available daily on We recorded a 15% increase in transactions obtained from product pages that contain recommendations. We will expand both the scope and the number of our experiments with Recommendations AI."

They've written about our exclusive partnership with Google for implementing 

Recommendations AI:

Offer details

We have been listed by Google Cloud as one of the first Recommendations AI partners worldwide to implement the solution for clients.

We can help you get up fast and have a go-to-market model in less than one month.

You'll have full cost predictability - pay per predictions you consume and the solution comes with a fast model training for immediate results.

Contact us and discover how you can cross sell and upsell with Recommendations AI

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